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Demand for Nurses in Australia is expected to Increase to


by the year

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Why Choose Australia?

Within Australia’s job market, Engineering is recognised as one of the occupations with greatest demand for the next 5 years. Regardless of specialisation, the country offers bountiful opportunities for both business organisations and job-seekers alike.
Engineering professionals belong in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).
The PMSOL identifies Engineering as one of the occupations needed to aid in the economic recovery of Australia. This means not only will there be prioritisation of granting visas of Engineering professionals but increase in professional opportunities, too.
World’s Highest Minimum Wage Rate.
With the country having concrete and stable social support programs, this enables their working industries to sustain their workers with competitive salary rates. Specifically for Engineers, organisations and companies offer a $56.38 minimum hourly rate for professionals.
High Priority for Permanent Residency Visa.
Due to the rapid growth in the Engineering industry, there is an added increase in demand for qualified and skilled Engineers to aid in Australia’s economic needs. Ultimately, this leads to companies and organisations providing offers to sustain and maintain their workers.

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